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Saint Michaels Mount Cornwall

Professional Care Services In Penzance

Thyme Care Ltd, based in Penzance, offers comprehensive home care services tailored to your needs. Our experienced team provides expert care, including Safe Moving and Handling training. With a person-centred approach, we ensure dignity and well-being, fostering independence and comfort in your own home. We are dedicated to collaborating with individuals seeking flexible schedules and operating as a close-knit, family-oriented organisation. Join our professional team, where we not only provide care to our clients but also prioritise the well-being and satisfaction of our employees. Contact us for more information.

Our Values And Principles Of Care

Thyme Care Ltd believes that, for the service to be effective, it should be based on sound values and principles and an understanding of the fundamental and individual needs of service users. The service values are as follows:


Individuals' right to be left alone or undisturbed and free from intrusion or public attention into their affairs is taken into account in the formulation of care plans and will only be overridden in exceptional circumstances and with the knowledge of the service user or their advocate.


All individuals, whatever their circumstances, have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.


Service users are enabled to act independently. Services are aimed at maximising the individual’s capacity for self-care and mobility.


Every individual, whatever their circumstances, has the potential for development and the right to hold personal aspirations within the boundaries set by legislation and professional social work ethics. Service users are enabled to achieve their individual goals.


Service users are expected to accept appropriate responsibility, taking into account their particular abilities and circumstances; this may include having due regard for others' property or for participating in care plans.


Service user confidentiality is maintained. Occasionally, personal information may need to be shared with other professionals or organisations for the benefit of the service user or others. Where possible, service users are consulted, and their views are taken into account at all times. 


Service users have the right to be heard and to be fully informed on aspects of their care. Methods of communication are appropriate to the particular experiences and abilities of each individual and are tailored to each particular set of circumstances.

Risk Taking

All service users are entitled to make decisions about their daily lives and activities. From time to time, this may result in a conflict between ensuring safety and maximising independence. Service users will be supported in their decisions to take reasonable risks.


All service users' rights and citizenship are safeguarded. Work should be conducted in a manner that facilitates empowerment and appropriately uses advocacy.


Services are designed to be accessible and flexible, promote ordinary lifestyles, and are based upon service users' own choices. Individual choice is promoted within the limits imposed by service restraints.

How To Purchase Your Service

You can purchase any of our services by simply contacting us at Thyme Care Ltd directly on 01736 369090/360872 or by e-mail at to discuss your needs further.

The cost of services purchased will be transparent in the information we provide about any fees. How much is charged for each service, and what is included in that charge? 
Only when you are satisfied and agree with those charges will you be sent two copies of a contract to sign with terms and conditions? We ask that you sign both, keep one for your files and return the second copy to Thyme Care Ltd for our office files.

Limitations Of Care

What we mean by this is that when an N.H.S. or Local authority has purchased a service on your behalf, they will specify the tasks and allocate the time allowed to complete them. Our employees will only be able to exceed that permitted time if the purchasing authority has agreed beforehand or it is unsafe to leave a person. However, on occasions when time has not been permitted, and we find that the time is not appropriate, we will bring this to the attention of the relevant authority.


If a private purchase of care has been made and the time has not been appropriate or additional tasks are required, then a review of care may be necessary. Prior to this reassessment, payment will be charged for any extra time given.

Thyme On The Beach

Care Services We Provide

Personal Care

  • Assisting With Washing And Dressing

  • Overseeing Medication

  • End-Of-Life Care

Companion Services

  • Sitting Services

  • Accompanying Appointments And Social Events

  • Supporting Social Activities


Safe moving & handling training for staff to ensure high standards of care.

Holistic Support

  • Supporting Daily Living Skills

  • Lifestyle Choices

  • Sourcing Social Activities

Domestic Services

  • Light Domestic Duties

  • Meal Preparation

  • Shopping

  • Pet Care

Specialised Care

  • Dementia Care

  • Elderly Care

  • Respite Care For Main Carers

Evening And Day Support

  • Evening And Daycare

  • Night Sits (By Arrangement)

  • Day Sits

  • Respite Sits

Need Compassionate Care Services? Reach Out To Us On 01736 360872.

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