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Terms And Conditions

Home Care And Elderly Care Services In Penzance

Our terms and conditions outline the guidelines for receiving elderly care services from Thyme Care Ltd in Penzance. They cover aspects such as service agreements, payment terms, cancellation policies, confidentiality, and the responsibilities of both parties. Please contact us for a detailed discussion of our terms and conditions.

Charges, Terms And Conditions For Private Service Users And Those Funded By Local Authority:

Local authorities arranging a service on behalf of a service user will issue a contract that will advise them what contribution they may have to pay Thyme Care Ltd; Thyme Care Ltd does not levy this contribution but a contribution towards a package of services contracted by the local authority which we are required to collect on their behalf. Thyme Care Ltd will then issue you a contract stating that you agree to pay that contribution to Thyme Care Ltd for the services provided.

No allowance can be made for a cancelled service that is part of a package; however, if the non-provision of a service is due to our own failure, we agree to make an allowance.

Suppose Thyme Care Ltd are not the sole provider, and the services we provide in a particular week cost less than the contribution required by the local authority. In that case, we will provide the service on a private basis and charge accordingly, which will be discussed with the service user prior to this happening. 

Any queries regarding the contribution should be directed to the local authorities.

Procedures For Compliments And Complaints

We are very happy to receive compliments about our staff and our organisation regarding the services that have been provided; however, there are times when you are dissatisfied with the standard of care that has been provided; please contact the registered care manager in the first instance who will try and resolve it with immediate effect, if not then at least within 48hours and then commence an investigation into the complaint within five working days. The complainant will be informed of any action that is taken. Should it not be resolved, then it should be reported to the responsible individual. Should the complaint still not be resolved, then the complainant should contact their service purchaser (Adult Social care) or Kernow commissioning group, the Care Quality Commission (C.Q.C).

Should the person be at risk of abuse, the registered manager will ask the complainant permission to refer the case to the safeguarding team and raise an alert.

Staff Qualifications

All staff have an induction and D.B.S. check. When staff join our organisation, they receive all mandatory training and are registered for a health and social care diploma course. All staff take advantage of other college courses which enhance their knowledge and skills. The registered care manager, Carly Lapham, is a trainer and level 5 in care management; Elaine Noble oversees Safeguarding training and Dementia training and has been in the care sector for 43 years also a level 4 in care management and holds a lifelong Teaching Sector cert (P.TT.L.S) level 4 All staff receive refresher training.

All Policies And Procedures Can Be Viewed By Arrangement At Thyme Care Ltd Offices By Arrangement.

Office hours Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm

Out-of-hours emergency contact number: 078 5088 3275


If messages are left on our answer phone in the office after office hours, they are picked up the next working day.


No private arrangements should be made between the service user and the carer. Care staff are not allowed to divulge their private telephone numbers or addresses; should they do so, this is a disciplinary matter.


If you need to cancel a visit, you should give the care manager 24 hours' notice. If you give less than 24 hours notice, Thyme Care Ltd reserves the right to charge for the cancelled booking.


If you want to terminate your care provision, you must give one week’s notice unless there is a critical emergency.


The care staff will document and record during their visit in the care plan provided; care staff will feed back any concerns raised; the care plan is kept in the service user's home as well as the record-keeping book with 

the service user's consent.


Thyme Care Ltd holds the required insurance for the service to the service users; this is only for the times arranged between the client and Thyme Care Ltd.


To ensure validation, the care manager must be informed immediately of any changes in circumstances, such as care provision, condition, and environment, that may affect the agreed support plan/care.


No staff member is to be approached to undertake private work, nor should staff offer to provide care privately. This will result in a disciplinary /dismissal and may constitute a safeguarding alert.


Staff that use their own private vehicles to transport service users and use their car for work must have a valid driving licence, M.O.T. and insurance.


All staff receive mandatory training and will only undertake tasks that have been agreed upon; if there are changes to the care provision, this must be reported to the care manager and agreed upon prior to the commencement of that change/changes.


All staff will wear /carry on their person an identity badge at all times whilst on duty.

Thyme Care Ltd will only terminate a service when 

 a) The needs assessed are greater than Thyme Care Ltd can save them.

 b) That the risks have become greater and pose a threat of injury to the service user and Thyme Care staff.


All staff are supplied with gloves and aprons, and the service user will supply all other necessary equipment. In some circumstances, the local authority will supply moving and handling equipment, including beds.


Thyme Care Ltd takes no responsibility for repairing or servicing such equipment.

Gifts to staff or their families are strongly discouraged. If you feel you need to discuss this further, please contact the care manager.


No members of staff are asked to be signatories to wills or any other legal documents.

Call Us On 01736 360872 To Get Elderly Care And Other Home Care Services.

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